Two Worlds, One Bite

The most delicious way to bring two worlds together – the world is united with hybrid foods! Simply put, hybrid foods are two different foods having a baby with a “genetic” mix. And these food babies resemble their parents’ best qualities! Think of those times you wanted to eat two very different things in one harmonious bite. Doesn’t it sound amazing? So, what are some of these food babies you had this past week?

Perhaps a sushi burrito wrapped in crispy nori, the ramen burger from Smorgasburg, or even a pad cake –a crazy mix of pad thai and cake? Or maybe, the classic, oh-so-delicious, Cronut?

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Remember the shock you felt when you found there is a way to eat a doughnut and a croissant all at once? Dominique Ansel, the inventor of the Cronut, has attracted the bustling city of New York to stop and grab a bite into the seemingly never-ending blissful layers of the Cronut. Just in line with the age of the millennial where everyone is demanding innovation in every aspect of life. Always hungry for the ‘new’, hybrid foods are the perfect response to satisfy this demand and their stomachs. 

Hybrid food trend doesn’t seem to be just a fleeting phenomenon, but rather yet another fabulous way to creatively reinterpret seemingly ordinary food. And it is here to stay. Not just local bakeries, but also Michelin star restaurants have been incorporating hybrid foods into their course menus. These hybrid foods are part of the class of fusion foods, defining the Michelin dining experience since it brings new flavors to the table. Who doesn’t enjoy refreshing surprises in their dining experiences?

Hybrid foods also remind us of the power of food to bring cultures together.
It just might be the key to world peace! Alright, maybe not that big, but definitely something close to it.

Weekend is approaching. How about you try creating some of these hybrid foods and unite two worlds (or more) in your own kitchen? Or take a stroll down the street. You will be greeted with restaurants ready to guide you to your next hybrid food heaven.

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