From an ’80s revival to futuristic styles, these are the standout trends shaping the look for Fall 2018

Are you a fashionista ?

You must have at least 2-3 itemes we are talking about this fall 2018.

1. Darling grab your shearling

Shearling jackets are the perfect transition from summer to winter. It is the epitome of fall elegance. The fur provides the coziness for winter, and the jacket itself presents the mood of fall, ultimately creating a hip hybrid outfit. 

You can give your outfit a pop with this shearling outfit by changing up the style and color of fur. Instead of just having an outfit with the classic leather jacket, you can have some fun and add black fur. Black fur on a leather jacket just spells out posh. 

When people think of fall they usually think of scarves, which are a whole lot of fun as well. Fashionistas usually bring out scarves, because scarves can play the dual role of keeping one warm and bringing life to the outfit. However, with shearling jackets- it technically is a jacket with a scarf. No need to pay attention to where you last left your scarf and jacket because when you have a shearling- its all in one. Just drop the jacket on top of your dress and you are good to go. To keep your legs warm, you can also add some over the knee boots to your look. 

<- Proenza Schouler Shearling $8,600

Anya Hindmarch in Bags
4.Long Gloves
Chesco in Gloves


2. Layering with Transparency

Transparency is everywhere from shoes, bags, clothing, luggage, and even umbrellas. Transparency does not necessarily mean completely clear. You can have transparent clothing with certain materials and light colors that are see through which can help layer your outfit. Also, you can have completely clear transparency, which brings a futuristic outfit. This enables you to add your twist to your look. 

With transparent dresses you can mix and match the same dress and create a completely different look. You have a transparent dress, you can either make it dreamier for a brunch or turn it into a night out dress with a tight dress underneath. This creates two looks with one transparent dress! Its like a matryoshka doll where you have endless layering! So much diversity mixing and matching with transparency. 

Because you get to layer your clothing, you get to create your own statement. Especially with the plastic bags that are trending for the fall, it shows your own personal narrative. The bag is completely crystal clear so you can add fun accessories and show your individual colors through the pellucid bag. You can be extra futuristic by showing your own tech gadgets through the bag. 

3. Flowers in the Fall

When you think flower, you think spring. Spring is when flowers start blooming into their full state. So sad that spring doesn’t last for longer, however you can bring it back for the fall? 

Outfits appliquéd with flowers, can help spring linger into the fall. You can re-use your flower outfits from the spring for the fall which saves time for shopping. You are already in trend! Also, you get to bring the spring vibes and memories of you going to see the cherry blossoms with you to the fall. 

You can also go purchase a fall flower decorated outfit picking out flowers that trace the color tones of fall. Maybe you can look for tones that show the uniqueness of fall leaves, which is fresh and special to fall. Get colorful:)


4. Memory plaid

When you think checkered patterns—what do you think of? Do you think of the iconic burberry print or your mom’s high school jacket? Patterns have personal meanings which add a sentimental side to your outfit. 

Checkered, gingham, plaid are a timeless classic. Everyone has this pattern somewhere in the closet, which makes it super convenient to add to your fall look. Also, the pattern has been going around for ages. So, you can recycle your grandparent’s checkered shirt and wear it for the fall. If the shirt is not your size, you can still recycle it! There is a simple solution-wear it oversized. Oversized plaid blazers will outline an iconic vintage look. 


Not only that, but you can wear a personal item with you. The shirt had memories from when your family wore it around and now you are walking down memory lane. The exciting thing is —you get to make new memories with the same shirt and begin to write your own story. 

Share your personal story with plaid!

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