The New Status Symbol?

Have you ever imagined yourself having a water bottle embellished with thousands of crystals? Welcome to the world of luxurious water bottles! What is interesting is that the term luxurious
water bottle is not only coined from the extravagant materials of the bottle. Then what else makes up the luxurious water bottle? LIFESTYLE
The owner of this luxurious water bottle represents a new outlook on “luxury” and relates it to a person who strives to create a healthy mind and body for themselves and the environment.

Lets go take a look at how this term "luxury" is used in each brand:

When we think about water bottles, we have to talk about S’well. S’well, the one that really started
this all, expresses functionality in a bottle. It is practical but also trendy, so you are able to
get the best of both worlds.

bkr is newer than S’well. But it knows exactly what
its customers want: simple and chic.


BKR promotes healthy skin. It guides the owner of the bottle to drink
the recommended amount of water per day to maintain beautiful skin.
Recently, they added lip balm on top of the water bottle in order to help
you maintain lip hydration as well!

Recently, bkr collaborated with Swarovski to create a collection of
reusable water bottles that feature gold-plated caps topped with over
500 crystals. These bedazzled water bottles are exactly how reusable
water bottles have become a status symbol.


Dopper plays a passionate role in philanthropy and allows you to drink water and love the planet simutaneously!

As a result, their designs are simple,
practical, and are offered at very affordable prices. If you just want a simple water bottle,
instead of some of the eccentric designs out there right now, Dopper is the one for you.

Dopper, like most other water bottle brands, presents a mission of ridding the world of plastic
bottles. However, their focus on this mission is the foundation of their brand.


Do you care about your health?

PRSSABOTTLE tried to reduce a consumption of artificial sugars.
Say no to juice and drink more water!!

Gem Water is a whole other story. They offer water bottles that come with actual gems, which enhance both the flavor and health benefits of the water your drinking.

Gem water maintains health of the mind and body with science. The luxury sparkle and novel synergy between gems and water create the trendy water.


Drinking water is classy!
Lets get hydrated!
Which water bottle fits you?

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