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They could hear the movement of the stars.

The ancient philosophers and mathematicians believed that they could hear the movement of the stars. I think only God can do that, so we dare not imitate them. But we can listen to a composer’s interpretation of such sounds. This music is “Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity” from Holst’s The Planets. Close your eyes and …

Mozart’s Music

Mozart’s music evokes that little bit of regret, the nostalgia, the unspoken desire for innocence that still remain in our hearts, and we like him for that. The truly smart, cool, attractive, or stylish do not play tricks, nor does Mozart. Please listen to the complete selection. You’ll smile.

J S Bach by Segovia

Segovia is a legend of classic guitar. If you listen to his performance for a long time, you will understand what it means when both the performer and the composer disappear, and only the music remains. I like Bach music the most among his performances. He interprets Bach music in a very simple and intuitive …