You want to share your secret sweets with the one you love?

Do you want something really special?

😍 Here you go 😍

I want to lead you to the BEST chocolate places in NY.

1. stick with me , Nolita


BIG FLAVOR to bring you only the best sweets.

2. Maribelle, Soho

I love Maribel's slogan.

“Life is all about the pleasure and happiness we find in food, art and beauty”

-Maribel Lieberman, Chocolatier-

You will find the best ganache in NYC

Oh!   Don't forget to try their hot chocolate.

3. FINE & RAW, williamsburg

FINE & RAW was started in a notorious Williamsburg, Brooklyn artist loft by Daniel Sklaar. Daniel launched into making small chocolate batches and sharing them with friends…he then started delivering them on his bicycle to fine local purveyors. it was apparent that the chocolate was borderline addictive and then some scientists told him that raw chocolate is good for you…so he kept making the chocolate and going deeper down the rabbit hole of what craftsmanship and dedication to the mastery of this tasty art is.

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