Shared Space is a golden opportunity

When you think of classic innovators, who do you think of?
For me, its the iconic Bill Gates.
He created a tech empire with an innovative idea.
However, as grandeur as this sounds, Bill Gates started his empire in his garage.


This shows the power of an innovative idea, but it also shows the difficulty of transitioning from an idea to an office space. It is financially challenging for a startup company with an innovative idea to cultivate their business right away. 

Thats why the shared office space options with WeWork, ServCorp, Regus, LiquidSpace, Assemblage, and Space530 provide innovators a new opportunity through offering affordable payment options. Talented innovators in all areas from non-profits to tech companies can start expanding their business with limited budgets. Depending on what you need, you can choose the best service option for you. The scale of renting space comes in all options. From renting a single desk in NY at Assemblage to renting a whole office space. There are different options perfect for you. 


For example, Servcorp is best known for its virtual offices. If you are looking for short term office spaces, you could look into Regus and Liquid Space. However, if you need a long term office, you would probably look into WeWork. Lets say you already have an office space but are looking to launch a showcase of your work- thats fine too! Space 530 offers opportunities to use space to launch your ideas.

These companies provide office spaces at prime locations, materials for the office, and  an address, in other words a home for your business. Through having these options at a reasonable price, you are able to proliferate and multiply workers, formulate new business proposals, collaborate ideas in the office space, meet and invite clients to your personal office.

In other words, this gives you the opportunity to execute your vision. Be a visionary today!

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