Michel Setboun: Past and Future

Art is expressive, because it is open to your personal interpretation.
One piece of artwork can evoke an infinite amount of emotions. This is the beauty and uniqueness of artwork.

This is exaclty what Michel Setboun wanted to do in his photography, which is to travel within emotions. Michel Setboun, both an architect and photographer, is known for his photography in political movements. Apart from photographs of political revolutions, he also takes photos of beautiful dream-like cities, like Paris.

When I look into his pictures, the first thing that pops into my mind is that the photos are black and white. The black and white reduces the focus on the color of the buildings and makes me focus more on the lines and silhouettes of the architecture and people. Maybe because he is an architect, he wants to highlight the lines and structures of the building with reduced color? What do you think? Or maybe by making everything black and white it creates a feeling of universal oneness? 

Besides color, the elements of the photograph that stand out are the darker shades of black, which are the shadows of the people walking. This lets me appreciate the beauty of natural light. Something about the shadow makes me feel like the photo was left with naturalness. However, the shadow to me also shows a paradox. 

The shadows are following the present person from behind, so it could represent the past. However, the shadow is being created by the present person who is moving forward. Thus, the photograph shows that there is always a past with the present. This can make you feel hopeful, because you are in control of you present. But, it can also make you feel gloomy, because the past is always following you. 

What type of emotions do you feel when you see his photos?
Share your thoughts and lets talk!

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