Kusama Yayoi

You must be already familiar with Kusama Yayoi’ s work from Louis Vuitton New York 5th Avenue flagship store even if you are not into art. 

 It was amazing, remember?

This summer, she brought 1,500 mirrored spheres to Rockaway.
1,500 mirrored stainless – steel metal surface spheres reflect the industrial surrounding of abandoned building. 

This spheres originally made from plastics and were installed at 33rd Venice Biennale.
Throughout the opening day of the exhibition, Kusama remained in the installation, tossing the spheres in the air and offering to sell them to visitors for 1200 lire (approximately $2) each.

We are lucky to have her sphere at this time!!!

Let's dream!! It is an once in a life chance dream!

Narcissus Garden will be on view from July 1 through September 3, 2018.

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