Instant Gourmet

RTC(ready-to-cook) ! RTH(ready-to-heat) ! RTE(ready-to-eat) !

The “instant” age is about having what you want quickly accessible. 

That is why there are plenty of “instant” options for eating that accommodate for both types of groups existing in the population: the people who live to eat and the people who eat to live. 

There are three different instant options: groceries delivered, meals delivered, and ready-to-cook delivered. 

Sometimes with the bustle of life, groceries can be a time consuming chore. 

So, iGourmet, AmazonFresh, Instacart, and FreshDirect deliver groceries at your door step. No need to carry all those heavy bags home, now you have them delivered like a gift package right to your home. 

However, you need to schedule out your meals according to your delivery date, because you have to take into account the grocery’s shipping time. Regardless, if you schedule your meals out accordingly, it seems like a feasible plan! 

Or maybe you are thinking…I do not even have time to cook my meals though. No worries! There is a delivery option with cooked gourmet meals from professional chefs themselves or straight from a restaurant. You can use Seamless, Postmates,ezCater, ChefV,in order to get cooked meals right away. This saves you the time of both groceries and cooking. Also, you can choose from a variety of cuisines while being budget friendly. If your planning on cutting down a few pounds for the warm weather-like they say portion size is everything. Catering your meals can make you extra conscious about portion size which is also a plus. 

But wait you might be thinking I want to save time, but I enjoy cooking. Is there an option for me? Of course there is, you can try the ready-to-cook packages from HomeChef, HelloFresh, BlueApron, and Plated. These places offer you the groceries you need in order to self cook the meal you ordered! No need to worry about the left over few pieces of brussel sprouts, because everything is portioned perfectly. Now you can just relax and take over the kitchen. Become the head chef of the night in the kitchen. 

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