Environmentally Friendly Coffee Cups

When you think of trends... what do you think of in general?

As in…what in your opinion makes something considered a trend? Well I think the trend all starts with simply… a new idea. Thus, in order to look for potential trendsetters…it makes sense to keep an eye out for start up companies. The start up company of focus today is Cuppffee- a Bulgarian startup. Welll…the next question should be what is this startup’s new idea? 

Cuppfee has created an edible coffee cup. This means no waste. No need to carry around your empty coffee cup and scavanger hunt for a trash can…you can simply eat your cup. What do you think about this concept?


Some might say that you would have to pay for the cup… so there is a downside however just think of it as paying for your side dessert but you are also saving the environment at the same time! The cup itself is very healthy yet tasty too so it would be a healthier snack option for you! The cup does not change the taste of the coffee itself which is also a plus because you can have the best of both worlds separately too. 

There are also different sizes and the cups are super durable. Thus, the company touches upon all areas in order to create a super environmentally friendly coffee cup. Saving the environment while drinking the coffee you always drink is awesome.


We see an upcoming trend from Cuppfee itself which is edible coffee cups- a new idea. However, from the startup Cuppfee, we are also introduced to another trend. which are items that are used to be envionrmentally friendly. For example, the reusalbe straw.

Have you every replaced an item with an item that is more environmentally friendly? What do you think about this switch?

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