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Is it already a new year? It is time to make my new year’s resolution list. As always, drink more water and eat healthy get on the top of my list. I’m also thinking of taking Pilates classes, although I know far too well how that will end up in a couple of months… One of the resolutions that I will try my hardest to make happen this coming year is to travel to more places that I haven’t been to before! Every year I visit different countries to experience various cultures and new food. During these trips, I've noticed that each country has its own unique style. And I love seeing each country’s brands reflect this uniqueness. When you encounter these brands, it is certainly like finding treasures. Today, we will check out the street styles and brands from around the world!



STYLE: Effortless cool and functional
Brand Focus: Vee Collective

Vee Collective's bags can be described as,
"geometrical and minimalist aesthetics meet functional product design."
It has a modern look that would look amazing in any wardrobe, which is something you need when you have limited space in your carrier! Their products are also lightweight and water repellent, making it perfect for traveling when you have to be prepared for all kinds of weather.
My personal favorites are their metallic colors, especially the platinum metallic mini tote that will be released this SS2019! Their mini tote comes with a strap, so if you need your hands free during a must-dance moment in one of Berlin's dimly lit clubs, you will be able to non-stop dance until the next morning.

Style Inspirations from BERLIN

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STYLE: Calm, unique use of accessories
Brand Focus: HAN Kjøbenhavn [Check out their products here]

Started as an eyewear brand, HAN Kjøbenhavn has been producing high street fashion that has toned down color usage with controlled outrageousness. While their sunglasses help elevate the entire look with a dash of the uncommon, their outerwear selections are my ultimate favorites from the brand. From the velvety track jacket to shining lacquer coat, their outerwear is something I can imagine wearing wondering around the streets of Copenhagen while snapping pictures of the beautiful red, yellow, and blue colored buildings. 

From the brand’s SS19 fashion show behind: Photo by Paul Jeong/Hypebeast


Style Inspirations from Copenhagen

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STYLE: Bold colors
Brand Focus: Vicnacin [Check out their products here]

Vicnavin’s “VIC” comes from the English word victory and “NAVIN” comes from the Indian word meaning “new.” The brand’s designers come from Milan and Los Angeles, so they bring characteristics of both cities to play when designing their line. Their bold selection of colors adds character to the overall outfit. You could be wearing a simple t-shirt with jeans, and their bag will make the outfit fun! The brand’s SS19 will feature designs with feathers, which will add natural patterns in addition to their colorful palette.

Style Inspirations from Milan

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