Trend Watch: Mushroom Blonde!

The hottest hair color trend of 2019 may sound a little unappealing at first, though it is surprisingly beautiful.

You've probably heard about this color being talked about everywhere.


Mushroom Blonde captures a beautiful, natural-looking mix of blonde and brown hues.

At first glance, it may seem like a hair color perfect for a cooler toned individual. However, you will be surprised how amazing it looks on a warm skin tone as well.

The term “Mushroom Blonde” , first coined by Maryland based stylist Yokasta Perez, is already taking Instagram by storm! 

Visit the stylist’s Instagram for more awesome pictures and style inspirations

Instagram: @askforamy

Style Created by Diane


Calm and whimsical, what a perfect shade to ring in to the New Year!

I wish I didn't just dye my hair, but now I know what color I will be dyeing my hair next.

Will you be jumping into the #mushroomblonde trend?