The Wonderful Nomad Life of J: Seville Edition

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a picturesque record of Jenny traveling around the world.

Walking through romantic alleyways after a scrumptious dinner.

Streets lit up for the holiday season.

Catedral de Sevilla, the largest Gothic building in Europe.

Enjoying the winter without the winter cold.

Penguin watching with a gorgeous architectural back drop.

Went up the Catedral de Sevilla to observe the unique rooftop layout

Climbed up some more stairs to see this pretty view of the city.

Day trip to Ronda by bus.
It’s always great to take a few day trips outside of the main attractions and tourist spots
in order to appreciate the native culture of the country.

What makes Ronda special is that it is a mountaintop city in Spain’s Malaga province, set dramatically above a deep gorge.

Views of rooftops at each destination- this time, brown rooftops on white homes, very elegant.

Roaming this sunny and bright city along cobblestone roads.

After the day trip to Ronda, we went straight to the Plaza de Espana in time for the golden hour.

The buildings glow at sunset.

Metropol Parasol was one of my favorite places!
It’s one of the modern attractions in the city and may be the largest wooden structure in the world. The architectural wonder serves as a gathering place featuring a farmer’s market, a restaurant, an archeological museum, winding rooftop walkways and an open-air public square.