The Wonderful Nomad Life of J: Prague Edition

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a picturesque record of Jenny traveling around the world.


Prague has plenty of cute, stop in cafes to recharge.

Taking a journey to the top of the city.

Starbucks knows how to choose its locations...
Panoramic view of the city!

Strolling through the quaint villages.

Bags, Jewelry, Shoes and History.

Appreciating the fine details of each building façade in old town Prague.

Hop on the tram or walk by foot, Prague is easy to explore.

The famous Charles Bridge over the Vltava river.

Simple, quiet, beautiful.
Café Restaurant Marince off of the Certovka canal.

Sunset view from the Charles Bridge.

The Lennon Wall is a popular attraction.
The wall is a symbol of global peace and love.

Enjoying a nice outdoor lunch with new friends I made during my travels.

Flower shops are universal.
No matter what country or city, flowers will brighten up your day.

Global peace and love is a universal theme here in the city of Prague.

Children playing, tourists observing, bubbles everywhere! Lots of life at the city center 🙂

Traditional Czech pastry known as trdelniks filled with ice cream.
You can literally find this treat everywhere you look!

Table for four over the red roofs of Prague.