Survive the Winter Air: In Search of the Holy Grail Moisturizer

Depending on your location, winter probably has begun slapping you with its cold and ruthless hands by now. I can definitely feel it here in New York City, slicing through my poor delicate skin. Sure, NYC is not the coldest place on this planet, but have some sympathy for me. As someone with extremely dry skin, the 3 or 4 months of winter air we get is just too much for me to handle. If I don’t armor my face with multiple layers, I feel a sharp pain from deep inside, each skin cell screaming for help. It’s truly a struggle. So you can understand that I take my search for the Holy Grail moisturizer very, VERY seriously, especially during this cold wintertime.

I’ve tried so many products. Whenever I come across a product that uses the phrase “extreme moisture” or “for dry skin”, I purchase and slather it all over my face that night.  Most of the time, the next day, I feel the utter failure through tingling pain from dryness. But on very rare occasions, I wake up the next morning feeling like a golden stream of light bestowed upon me as confetti sparkling all over my dewy and glowing skin! Today I wanted to share those products that made me hear those heavenly bells. Here is my list of Holy Grail items for extremely dry skin.


Don’t be fooled by its light milky texture, Tata Harper’s Repairative Moisturizer is one of the best I’ve ever tried. After emptying many bottles, I can confidently say this is definitely my Holy Grail item. Tata Harper’s skincare products are all amazing, but my personal favorite routine is layering the Rejuvenating Serum prior to this moisturizer. If you have sensitive skin, you can rest easy with Tata Harper. Every item from their line is free of GMO, toxins, fillers, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, and synthetic chemicals.

With a very thick consistency, Farmacy’s Honey Savior is a superb salve that I use for severe dry patches, either at night as a thick sleeping mask or before makeup as a primer to calm any rough areas. Due to its salve-y nature, I recommend absorbing it very well before proceeding to makeup. But this salve will definitely do the trick if your skin is seriously dehydrated. Farmacy brand also highlights its “farm-to-face” practice and is full of fantastic ingredients like honey and royal jelly. Their packaging is also delightfully gorgeous with a wooden cap.


Okay, I’m almost sure you already encountered La Mer skincare products at least once if you have concerns about dry skin. But Crème de la Mer is a classic that I simply cannot leave out when speaking of Holy Grail products for dry skin types! The cream’s superb textures will leave the skin supple, glowing, and bouncy. You will feel the difference next morning when you go to bed with a generous layer of La Mer. It must be Miracle Broth™, the cell-renewing elixir that soothes and energizes skin for a natural, healthy-looking radiance, that's at work here! La Mer makes your experience even more special with the special limited edition jars decorated with beautiful design and illustrations. Now available in fun limited edition, Little Miss Miracle!


Do you have a Holy Grail item? We would love to hear!