#STAYHOME Comfy Looks

As many people around the world are quarantining themselves at home to help out flattening the curve, we started seeing many awesome looks that are also 100% comfy. 

I am someone who values comfort for fashion, so I have been feeling very inspired by looking at these #quarantinelooks! "Beauty is pain" no longer holds true, it is all about COMFY now! (and I'm loving it.) 

"Gonna feel weird when I have to wear actual shoes again" 

I always adored @lissyroddyy's comfort meets fashion looks! She showcased lots of 'comfort meets fashion' looks even before the quarantine, so if there is any 'expert' in this category, I will say she is THE expert of comfy yet stylish looks. 


My another fave fashion Instagrammer @kickiyangz utilizes various colors of wigs and experimental make up style to be the "cool girl" while being comfortable. 


@discodaydream showcases a more moody and monotone route for the #stayhome looks.