Sita Abellan Spins Fendi for a Fresh Hiss

Model. Designer. DJ. Sita Abellan does it all.
And this time, she spins Fendi
for a fresh hissssss.

“Technoprincess” Sita Abellan and her aesthetics are as hip and radical as the music she creates.

Her recent collaborative creation with Fendi is truly magnificent! Exquisite twist to the classic design of Peekaboo bag, Sita x Fendi bag is something you must see.


Just a couple days ago, Sita revealed a picture of Fendi’s Peekaboo bag, but full of surprises! 


Opaque body with white leather trim, embellished with fuzzy muted electric green Fendi logo, an orange and black python slithering across forming an “S”, handle surrounded with a golden metallic snake and completed with the same green fuzzy strap and bright orange snake plush charm. Truly a statement piece, snake motif captures the attention by wrapping around the viewers –and not letting go! 


Here in Vuetelle, we’ve been obsessed with the Krenoir bag! 

Adorned with exotic animal themed handles, Krenoir’s Kelly line is created with python and alligator leather. We are especially in love with the flamingo, not only for its fun decorative design but also for the coexistence of warm gold and bluish pink tones in the python skin! 

What are some of your animal motif obsessions?