Romance in the Air: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Love is in the air... Can you feel it?

As Valentine's Day is approaching, it is time for you to prepare romantic gifts for your significant other. Or if the special someone is yourself, you can express self-love by gifting yourself something that you've been eyeing for weeks.

Here are our suggestions for unique gifts that will make this Valentine's Day special!

commodity perfume

Gifting a scent to someone is an extraordinary act.

It shows that you not only understand someone's fragrance preferences but also that you want to smell a particular scent on someone. It also shows that you associated a specific scent with someone, which is romantic. To gift a perfume, you need to understand the person inside and out. It is such an intimate gift! But as important as it is, truly unique and personal perfumes are challenging to come by.

Commodity perfume is recommended to be used as a "cocktail" to each other to create a perfect one-of-a-kind scent. With scents reminiscent of certain places or situations, it would be lovely to recreate the scent of your first date of the rainy day at a library with "BOOK" and "RAIN."

Commodity perfumes can be ordered here:



The flower bouquet is a universal symbol of a romantic gesture but realistically is difficult to maintain. And of course, it is short-lived.

Instead of a flower bouquet, how about a rose that will last an eternity?

Krenoir recently released a rose-shaped key holder. Each keyholder is created uniquely by hand in Italy. So You can be sure that no one in the world owns the same item.

The roses come in various colors, and all colors have a matching companion of Krenoir's signature Kandie bag, which comes in both alligator and python skin.

Krenoir keyholder and Kandie bags can be ordered here: (Key Holders by special orders)


Ruby Chocolate

Ah, chocolate... what a classic gift for Valentine's Day.

This Valentine's Day, how about putting a little twist to the classic with ruby chocolate? Ruby chocolate, derived from the ruby cacao bean, has a naturally driven warm pink hue.

Unveiled at a private event in 2017, ruby chocolate became available for sale to consumers on January 2018. It is described to have a sweet yet sour taste and is distinctly different from other varieties of chocolate.

Although there are many places that you can purchase this lovely variety of chocolate, we recommend Vosges Ruby Truffle Collection, pictured below. Vosges was chosen as one of the first in the United States to launch the new ruby cacao.

Vosges Ruby Truffle Collection can be ordered here: