Operation BFCM! (Psst, it’s Black Friday Cyber Monday)

Okay, listen. Let’s be honest.

Surely family dinner has its charms, but you can’t deny that the true meaning of Thanksgiving comes to realization the day after Thanksgiving.
Yes, I’m talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Raise your hands if you have been piling things up in your wish-list to pick up during Black Friday. Or to finally check out those items that inhabited too long in your online cart during Cyber Monday. Hey, you are not alone. Join us at our glorious cult of shopaholics…

Wait, what did I just say ?!


If you haven’t done so already, it is time for you to set your alarm for Friday the 23rd, for it is almost near!
Other than the big electronic gadget purchases, what are your target items this year?
For successful Operation BFCM, you need to have a strategy guide.
Don’t worry, we are here to assist you.

This year, our mantra is a small addition, big changes.


Wrapped in Design

Both practical and beautiful, scarves have such versatile usage adding that je ne sais quoi to both your work or weekend outfits. Beautifully appliquéd scarves elevate simple office wardrobe by working very hard (just like you) both as scarf and necklace. Or choose ones with fun design that highlight your aesthetics.
It will be fun to wear during the week -and on weekends- you can also wrap your bed-head in a chic way to a late brunch.


Small but powerful, bangles complete the look the way you like it. Keep a couple of them in your purse to switch up your look instantly. You can stack them one after another to add drama or just wear a single bangle to add a quiet accent. Colorful bangles that feature interesting textures are all the fun you need!

Charming Addition

Cute little fuzzy friends to carry around? Yes, please. Bag charms are a great way to add personality to your totes. Unique nature-inspired designs evoke a sense of calmness and cozy feelings in your day-to-day city life. Add charms to reflect your mood, or simply pay homage to your favorite animal.

So fashion comrades, are you more prepared to launch operation BFCM now?
Which items will you be attacking first?