J’s World of Wanderlust: Nice Edition

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Place Massena is in the center of the city.
I loved the checkered tiles.

French Riviera (Cote d’Azur) is the Mediterranean coast of southeastern France.
It has an unmatched beach walk.

Any trip to the Cote d’ Azur should begin with a stop in Nice,
overlooking the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean.

Perfect view from the hill of the French Riviera with the cute #ilovenice sign.

Now this is what you call a vacation!

Relaxing by the beach front in the shade and in the comfort of the plush seats.
What makes the beaches in Nice unique is the shoreline made of pebbles.

After a nice long bike ride along the promenade, I came back to the Riviera for the beautiful sunset horizon.

Day trip to Cap-d’Ail to enjoy the Mediterranean without the hustle and bustle you find in Nice.

Cap-d’Ail has a beautiful trail along the rocky coast leading to a secluded beach resort located on the cove.
It was truly a hidden gem.

Visiting Monaco is very easy and the travel time is short from Nice.
Come here to indulge in luxury.