J’s World of Wanderlust: LA Edition

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Look up and you will most likely catch a palm tree amongst the blue sky.

LA Farmer’s markets are wonderfully filled with fresh fruits like these berries! They taste divine!

Venice canal was much larger than expected.
Long walks along the canal are a must. I would love to live in this cute little area.

Right by the Venice canal is the Venice beach. The pacific coast is beautiful.

The Portuguese Bend region is the largest area of natural vegetation remaining on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.
We went on a small hike to capture this gorgeous view!

Culver City is filled with cute, hip cafes and restaurants!
This restaurant Margot had a magnificent feel to it with tasty food!

Heavenly super bloom of wildflowers this year from the abundant rainfall!!
Poppy apocalypse!

Can’t forget about the beautiful sunsets in California and the tall dangling palm trees.