Dearly Earthly

Sustainability and eco-friendliness have been keywords in the fashion industry in the past few years. Many fashion houses are providing sustainable options for clothes and accessories.

Being kind to the environment while staying in style is what we strive to do at Vuetelle, so we gathered some brands that fit the description perfectly!

Here is our list of brands that made sustainability their top priority mission!



Each item shows the detailed breakdown of its environmental impact! For example, for the Nikita dress featured here had 8.0 lbs of carbon dioxide savings, 3.0 gal of water savings, 1.3 lbs of waste savings! Isn't it so amazing?

Marabella Dress
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Nikita Dress
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ANASTASIA VITKINA Designs only use seashells that are harvested from beaches and shores left by the tides as waste. This project helps the SIDS by providing jobs as well. Anastasia also collaborates on ocean sustainable issues through the WATO organizations at the UN. Not only each bag is totally unique, but also literally only one in the whole world!

Ace & Jig's search for the ideal manufacturer led them to India, where they found experienced textile specialists weaving on ancient wooden handlooms. Several times a year they travel there and work one-on-one with weavers to create their authentic fabrics! Their Indian partners share their core values and practice the holistic Kaizen philosophy of continuing to improve. not only do they provide free childcare, but they also use reclaimedwater to grow organic produce for their employees!
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