Create - Virtually -

"Times are changing and working from home has a new meaning," said supermodel Bella Hadid on her Instagram as she showcased her new work for Vogue Italia which was shot and styled entirely through FaceTime. 

The photos are full of fun and light-heartedness, which we all needed so desperately! 

Italian photographer Alessio Albi also have been creating collaborative works with models through FaceTime since March. 

With Model Alice Pagani 

With model Pitty 

With model Emmy Rappe 


You can check out additional photos from the above sets from the Instagram page @alessioalbi. 


Alessio also added that these virtual shoots serve as means to "create as [the] right way to escape" and the creatives cannot agree more! We shouldn't let the current situation stop from creating arts. Let's keep on creating, from a safe distance with virtual photoshoots ;)