A Look into Pre-Fall 2019

As we glimpse into the Pre-Fall 2019 collections dominated by rich color tones and abstract lines, two concepts become very clear to us: the mix of the serious aura of adulthood and the playful take on youth. Among the season’s looks, we selected some of the styles that captured our mind from Christian Dior, MGSM, and Rosetta Getty.


What we loved:

Modernized, classic silhouettes highlighted by the coexistence of textured, sturdy Shetland wool and delicate silk. The combination of these two textures creates such interesting harmony. The silk, with its ethereal and flowing characteristics and see-through fabric, shows part of the body while it gently forms around the body. In the same look, there is the powerful, yet gentle Shetland wool with soft colors that flow into each other. The overall collection has a warm color palette that seems as if we are seeing them through sepia-toned glass like it is straight out of a distant memory that exists only within a faded photograph.



What we loved:

The collection titled The Poetry of YOUth, a play on the words “you” and “youth”, by Massimo Giorgetti brings the playful sensibility of the youth of all generations. Filled with cultural references, from quotes from the works of Edgar Allen Poe to the wallpaper patterns from Stranger Things, MGSM’s Pre-Fall collection presents controlled playfulness and unbalanced lines through oversized jackets and metallic accessories.


Rosetta Getty

What we loved:

With inspirations from contemporary artists in each season, Rosetta Getty focused on Anna Ostoya for Pre-Fall 2019. The color palette contains toned-down and calm pastels with geometric lines layering to create architectural shapes. The collection draws inspiration from Ostoya's cubist paintings, using the human body as a canvas. Clean lines defined through the calculated placement of the untucked shirt and the thin stripes of the suit compliment Getty’s composed aesthetics.