Agne Kisonite showcases empowerment with lipstick

Agne Kisonite has created the “Lipstick Tower”…well how tall is this tower? It has beat all its lipstick tower competitors and named itself in the Guinness World Record (agneart) ( as the largest lipstick sculpture! Wow…well besides the actual size of the lipstick tower it also shows the empowerment someone feels with a touch of lipstick. 

Throughout history, lipstick has empowered woman. From the lips of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra to the red lips of the millennial, lipstick creates a bold statement.
Lipstick is like a magic wand that can transform your look 180 degrees from a chic night out to a casual weekend look.

What does lipstick personally mean to you?

What is your lipstick look today?

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