10 Corso Como in New York

I visited the 10 corso como in New York which just opened a few days ago! This fashion central store, which stems from its Milan roots, has opened just downtown. 

First of all, the store is at a perfect location. It is near the pier which has a beautiful waterfront. The pier is the center of concert venues and will be the hub for the best chefs to showcase their restaurant, such as David Chang of Momofuku. So, if you are visiting the 10 corso como, you will be able to experience not just shopping, but also the beautiful Hudson River with the top michelin chef restaurants. Or you can even eat at the cafe at 10 cross como, which has upscale food as well. 

Second of all, the store itself has everything. 10 corso como is an interactive store that is made as the concept of an art gallery and shopping venue. The place has the hottest brands and the most fashion forward pieces from these brands. Because the hottest brands are placed together, you can also see the trends of the season. When I was looking around, a similarity I found between the brands was the showcase of neon colors. So…I thought that neon must be the trend of this fall! Its fun to look around and catch these similarities because the hottest brands are meshed together in a artistic space! 

Along with shopping for clothes, they also sell the most hip technology and most trendy home decor. For example, my favorite from this section was the Memphis lamp which was contemporary and innovative. I liked the way the shapes and colors were used to have a young and playful vibe. All the technology and home decor materials are very trendy. 

Also, the store has an art gallery itself that showcases Michael Anastassiades work. Therefore, you can move from shopping to a gallery within the same space. Also, if the art gallery makes you think of your favorite artists, 10 corso como also presents items from Andy Warhol and Mondrian. Its incredible how everything is at 10 corso como. 

Have you ever been to a 10 Corso Como location?
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